Key Talking Points

Twin the Pipelines or outright convert them

Building desalination treatment plants in Fort McMurray, Alberta that harness crude oil from oil sand resources at source to generate clean potable water drawn from the ocean along existing western pipelines is a sustainable model for driving economic growth and preventing ecological disaster.

Move water not oil, create Pipelines of salt/fresh water

Use the Crude to Power De-Salination

There is no where else in the world that has access to unlimited Carbon Neutral Power that can produce the worlds most important asset. Water.

This could only be done in Alberta. 

Build Carbon Neutral Power stations for de-salination

De-Salination in Alberta

Water desalination is POWER intensive.  By using crude oil to power new-state-of-the-art desalination plants located near crude oil storage facilities, and by twinning existing multiple government-owned oil and gas pipelines, Alberta and the Federal government can create a global market for fresh clean water – and create a sustainable modern green economy.

Become the worlds first Fresh water producer

Sell and store Freshwater along the way

Water dependency predates every other contributor to economic development throughout history. While the global demand for oil will surely change, water depletion and the demand for water across much of the U.S. and Canada is destined to increase.


The market for water and it’s effect on driving economic growth is surely underestimated in many ways we have not yet anticipated. As the abundance of surface water does not translate into availability of commensurate potable water – water accessibility is pivotal in almost every aspect of socio-economic development in the World today.

Power Storage for pumping and use of new fresh water